Easy to play, addictive and challenging

Key Features

7 Game Formats  
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1 to 7 words per puzzle
Multlingual clues option
Choose from 3 Word Lists
  • Common easy to spell words
  • Everyday words
  • Long or less common words

Additional Features

After you have signed up (it's free!)
  • Xanagrams will start storing your playing history
  • View Your Successful Game History*
  • View Global History (Top 50 Games)*
  • See if you are a top run scorer or streaker*
  • More
*Games with a score above zero

Easy To Play

Image of a Xanagrams game
Select a box, then the letter (button) you think it is, if you are right you score 50 points, wrong and you loose 15. You have a range of game formats to choose from.
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Play With Clues

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Xanagrams "clues" feature works by giving you the option of seeing the words you are looking for, but in a different language
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Daily Competition

Every day there are three special English games where you can compete against other players and the clock.

If you are the first person to play one of these games you will just be competing against the clock. If anyone else has played the game before you, you will see their time and score, which is your target to beat!

We know our players have a range of skills so each of the 3 daily games are set at different levels.

If you successfully complete any of these games you can see how well you did by clicking the Competition tab on the Gaming History page. The Competition tab shows your Competition results for the last 7 days.

Image of a trophy Game 1 Image of a trophy

Format 2
Classic Xanagrams
Just the first letter
5 Words
Word List 2
Image of a trophy Game 2 Image of a trophy

Format 2
Classic Xanagrams
Just the first letter
5 Words
Word List 3
French Clues
This is Xanagrams creator's favourite game
Image of a trophy Game 3 Image of a trophy

Format 5
Xanagrams Classic Jumble
6 Words
Word List 3

Word Lists Include
  • 7,300 English words
  • 6,900 French (Français)
  • 6,800 German (Deutsch)
  • 6,300 Polish (Polski)
  • 6,300 Spanish (Española)
  • Help 3,100 Simplified Chinese 简体中文
  • Help 3,100 Traditional Chinese 繁體中文
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