Easy to play, addictive and challenging

Easy To Play

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Select a box, then the letter (button) you think it is, if you are right you score 50 points, wrong and you loose 15. You have a range of game formats to choose from. Help icon

Play With Clues

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Xanagrams "clues" feature works by giving you the option of seeing the words you are looking for, but in a different language
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Word Lists Include
  • 7,300 English words
  • 6,900 French (Français)
  • 6,800 German (Deutsch)
  • 6,300 Polish (Polski)
  • 6,300 Spanish (Española)
  • Help icon 3,100 Simplified Chinese 简体中文
  • Help icon 3,100 Traditional Chinese 繁體中文
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